In 1990, Randy Gibbs began laying the groundwork for his own business by working in the evenings repairing cars in a small shop at his Seneca home.  In 1998 he was able to open Randy’s Automotive full time.  His son Brian became involved early on, handing his dad wrenches and sockets at 9 years old, then working after school during high school.  25 years later, Brian still works along side his dad. 

Randy’s Automotive became locally known as one of the best-kept secrets in Oconee County.  It was a shop tucked behind his house that you could only find it you knew it was there, but they were certainly no “shade tree mechanics”.  Parts deliveries came more frequently to this home than to any other shop around.  They quickly outgrew the original 2-bay shop and added on 3 more bays.  Then they outgrew that and were faced with a big decision.  In 2013 they moved the shop to Dr. Mitchell Road in Seneca to further expand. 

Randy would say that God has blessed him with the ability to fix cars and that ability has been instilled into his son as well.  And he would say that he determined in the beginning to operate on the same biblical principles that his life is built upon, such as honesty, excellence, and integrity.  It’s more than just fixing cars to earn a living; it’s treating others as you want to be treated.  As a result, Randy’s Automotive is a place where great care is put into every vehicle, and customer.  It is a place where the extra mile is taken to help anyone.  Where no one stops until the car is fixed.  Where long time customers come and hangout while their cars are being worked on, and many times you find them cutting-up with one another.  Where you might see a father and son throw a wrench at one another a time or two, or pull a prank on one another, or finish one another’s thoughts, or stay over late with one another to solve a problem, or hug one another when the day is done.  It is a place where relationships are built.  And where cars are fixed.